Project Aeronautical Font

The project

Aeronautical Font is a research project carried out for Airbus whose goal is the creation of a new typeface to display textual information on future aircraft interfaces. Funded by Airbus, the project involves ENAC and its frequent partners Sylvie Athenes and Intactile Design.

The project started in 2009 for 4 years.

Our contribution

The initial analysis phase and theoretical approach, have led to the definition of specific needs, requirements and design principles suited for the Safety-critical context of the cockpit. An experimentation-based typographical design, conducted with the help of a specialist in experimental psychology through an iterative cycle of design and experimentation, enabled us to ensure legibility and readability of the font prototype even in degraded context. One of the outcomes of this research is the delivery to the Airbus company of a set of 8 specific digital fonts for the interfaces of cockpit.

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Lab staff involved

  • Jean-Luc Vinot

More information

  • Contact at ENAC: jean-luc dot vinot at