Project HoliDes

The project

HoliDes is a European project funded by the Artemis Joint Undertaking. HoliDes stands for "Holistic Human Factors and System Design of Adaptive Cooperative Human-Machine Systems". Its goal is to address the development and qualification of Adaptive Cooperative Human-Machine Systems (AdCoS) where many humans and many machines act together, cooperatively, in a highly adaptive way and to build a prototyping platform based on this approach.

HoliDes started in october 2013 for three years. The project is carried out by 31 partners from 7 countries.

Lab's contribution

ENAC's contribution involves both technic and management sides:
  • management: WP4 leader; Task 4.1 and 2.5 leader; French national coordinator
  • technic: we will research techniques for modelling human-machine interaction at different levels of detail; we will develop human-machine interaction editors to model alternative designs of human-machine interaction for AdCoS; We plan to extend the work done on previous projects, Our model will take interaction between interface components as main building block, and will be theoretically funded on a dynamic process algebra formalized in an adequate xml format. Moreover, ENAC will participate to the development of techniques and tools for verification and validation based on model checking and simulation. These techniques will be developped with the objective to exploit our models defined above.

    Lab staff involved

  • Daniel Prun
  • Mathieu Magnaudet
  • We also plan the recuitement of a PhD student

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