Project IntuiFace Cloud

The project

IntuiFace Cloud is a project led by LII's partner IntuiLab, with the goal of adding cloud computing support to their IntuiFace product line. IntuiFace is aimed at supporting designers of applications for interactive surfaces, and the project aims at allowing designers to produce applications that are accessible as Web pages. IntuiFace Cloud is supported by Région Midi-Pyrénées through their Agile-IT funding framework, and started in June 2012 for two years.

Lab's contribution

Various parts of the IntuiFace Cloud project deal with the distributed execution of interactive software over the Internet. The lab's contribution mainly consists in providing the I* theoretical model for interactive software, helping to identify where and how it can bring benefits to IntuiLab's products, and developing new aspects of the model.

Lab staff involved

  • Stéphane Chatty

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