Project MAMMI

The project

MAMMI (Multi Actors Man Machine Interfaces) is a research project funded by the Eurocontrol Experimental Center (EEC A06/12013BE), in collaboration with Intuilab (project leader), Thalès R&T, Intactile Design. Air Traffic Controllers use a set of interactive systems to manage a traffic of flights. In order to improve collaboration between Air Traffic Controllers (ATCos), Eurocontrol Experimental Center proposes the concept of Multi-Actor Man Machine Interfaces (MAMMI) based on a single equipment where ATCos would share not only the information, but also the mean to manage this information. The goal of the project is to design interactive systems using a unique horizontal large interactive table where several (from two to four) controllers could interact, exchange objects, and overall adjust their task repartition in real-time. The project aims at improving knowledge in CSCW, Interaction Design, Multitouch Interaction, and Software for HCI.

Our contribution

The lab's involvment includes:
  • review of existing systems, as HCI and ATC experts
  • design of usage scenarios, as HCI and ATC experts
  • application definition, as HCI and ATC experts
  • design and development of the selected application, as co-developers
  • instrumentation of the application, as leader of the evaluation
  • design of scenarios and use cases based on SESAR
  • workflow, workspace and ATC objects
  • collaboration capabilities
  • informal assessment

The project started in 2006 for three years. The amount of funding is 394880€ (228320€ + 166560€), 81000€ for ENAC.

  • Contact at ENAC: stephane dot conversy at