Project Medusa

The project

Medusa is a project funded by the French Fonds Unique Inter-Ministeriel. The goal of the project is to enable advanced interactions modelling and rapid GUI prototyping based on model transformation, and to build a prototyping platform based on this approach. The target application is an airborne maritime surveillance system.

Medusa started in late fall 2010 for three years, and is carried out in partnership with THALES Systèmes Aéroportés, Sodius a software company specialized in MDA, ENSIETA and Télécom Bretagne.

Lab's contribution

ENAC's contribution involves building a prototype for a model transformation-based system. This prototype includes the definition of an executable language for interaction, which will also be, through transformations rules, the common representation for both design, modeling and code generation. One of the important objective of this platform and language is to support the inherent iterative nature of interactive system design.
ENAC's will also participate to the identification of specific information to be included in the models, in order to facilitate this tranformation process and to increase their expressive power (e.g system of systems concerns: autonomy, connectivity, diversity, reliability, ...).

A drawing tool designed during the project to support audio communication for the crew

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Lab staff involved

  • Stephane Chatty
  • Daniel Prun
  • Catherine Letondal

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