Project STAMP

The project

SaTcom Aircraft coMmunication Platform (STAMP) is a project about broadband internet access in the plane. The objective is to design a complete ecosystem in the Ka Band with:

  • an operational transmission layer in the Ka band Ka (17,3-31GHz) ;
  • a network architecture for aeronautical transmissions relying on fine mechanisms to circumvent hazards of communication with geostationary satellites
  • new aeronautical and mainstream end-user systems as applications and testbeds of broadband communication
STAMP is an R&D Collaborative project funded by FUI (14th AAP), and ivovles Axess Europe, Astrium, ENAC, ISAE, LAAS/CNRS, Météo France, Télécom Bretagne - Site Toulouse, Thalès Angénieux and Vodéa.

STAMP started in January 2013 for three years.

Lab's contribution

LII will conduct research on the design of visualization. LII will also develop an onboard weather application as a testbed for heavy data transmission and usage, and as a testbed for visualization design.

Lab staff involved

More information on STAMP

Contact at LII : stephane dot conversy at enac dot fr