Accessible Drone Piloting

Project leaders: Anke Brock & Jérémie Garcia
Participants: Vinitha Gadiraju & Dong Bach Vo

Flying drones is an increasingly popular activity. However, it is challenging due to the required perceptual and motor skills for following and stabilizing the drone, especially for people with special needs. We are conducting several research to make drone piloting more accessible in several contexts

Our first work is CandyFly is an application supporting people with diverse sensory, cognitive and motor impairments to pilot drones. CandyFly allows to adapt the degree of control to the users’ abilities by taking advantage of the drones’ autopilots and different input devices. CandyFly has been designed and evaluated with more than 15 pilots with various abilities with the support of the Artilect Fablab and the Elheva Association.

We are also exploring how visually impaired pilots would like to use drones by conducting interviews and analyzing the results of a survey. We are currently designing new interaction and feedback modalities to support drone piloting.

Related publications

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