Effect of immersive visualization and gestures spatialization on cockpit procedure training

Participants: Nadine Matton, Zakaria Ezzahed, Philippe Ribet, Sylvain Pauchet
Date: 2021

In this project, we explored the effects of gesture spatialization and immersive visualization on the learning of the numerous aircraft procedures that an airline pilot must know. We designed, developed and evaluated a Virtual Reality training application for procedures on TB20 (civil airplane of aeroclub).
The results of the evaluation conducted on four ENAC airline pilot students show that VR allows a quick and lasting engagement of the learner in his learning task (SUS and IPQ results) while offering a high level of performance with a contained mental load (NASA-TLX).

Scientific communication

Nadine Matton, Zakaria Ezzahed, Philippe Ribet, Sylvain Pauchet, Effets de la réalité virtuelle Sur l’apprentissage des procédures avion, 2021, Journée scientifique autour des environnements de simulation numérique et leurs apports à la pédagogie universitaire

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